Being a supplier we have been working for the following European & American customers for the several years:
Aldi (Germany / Austria)- Through Fashion Team, Austria.
NewYorker (Germany)
Inditex (Spain)
Carry Sp. Z.o.o, Poland

Our main products are as follows:
1) All kinds of readymade knitted sweaters in 3,5,7 & 12 gauges ( for men’s, ladies, boys, girls and kids )
2) Men’s & Ladies jeans / denim / non-denim bottoms ( for men’s, ladies, boys & girls)
3) Men’s & Ladies Tops in heavy and light woven fabrics.
4) All kind of business shirt for men’s and ladies.

We produce all our garments according to the client’s specifications. Each program is unique and tailored to meet the exact need of the client. In order to supply you an accurate quote for your program, we need the following
information from you:
a) Garment Type
b) Fabric ( weight and construction )
c) Size Ratio
d) Quantity Breakdown per color
e) Garment Specifications ( Type of neck treatment, waist, style, stitching etc )
f) Quantity ( Total Order Quantity )
g) Frequency ( Whatever long term or short term program)
h) Port of Delivery

Once you provide all the above information, we will supply you with a quote no later than 24 hours after receipt of your Request for Quote (RFQ)

Our Service in terms of quality
We follow AQL Level 2.5 & 4.0 inspection method, but on special cases we follow any inspection method for our customers.

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